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Become a Warmline Volunteer

Potential Volunteers are invited to attend an Intentional Peer Support training programme.

The programme is educational, fun and self exploratory with an emphasis on intentional peer support and recovery. It also helps people examine their past and current experiences, their potential strengths and vulnerabilities as well as their motivation and readiness to become a Warmline volunteer.

There will also be regular ongoing training for volunteer peer supporters, which occurs in conjunction with group supervision.

For more information, you can

  • Phone the Warmline office at (03) 379 8412, or
  • Click here to email Warmline with queries
  • Click here to see a fuller description of the role of the Warmline Volunteer

Some quotes from Warmline Volunteers

“Thanks for all the resources and the gifts. You thought of absolutely everything. I feel honoureed to be part of the [Warmline] service.”

“A caller who had been trying to get through on the phone for some time, asked me how I was coping with the busy evening. Was nice for a caller to recognise me as a person.”

“It is a privilege to listen and talk with people.”

“Being able to give of yourself, as a Warmline operator and make a positive difference to someone else's life is a wonderful, uplifting expeerience.”

“I am constantly learning from hearing other peole's stories, they have so much knowledge and wisdom to share and being told thet you have helped someone is such a fantastic feeling.”

“Warmline has openeed many doors to my personal development. It has given me many skills which I can transfer into other areas of my life.”

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